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xnap 0.76.3 released Napster vs. RIAA
Help page avalible
New homepage!

xnap v0.76.3 released!!
We proudly present you a new version of xnap. Go and grab a copy from

History of xnapster
Go and read a haistory of xnapster here. We also have some more changes in our site. You can use a sourceforge's forum system for our project (post messages here). By the end of this week, you will be able to read some reviews of other Java Napstrer & FIlesharing clients. So be sure to come here later!

Help page avalible
If you have any problems runing xnapster, you should visit this page. It's a short install instruction for dummies written by ahalbig that will help you to setup your enviroment and launch this great software.

We have a new homepage
Hello everybody. From now on we have a new homepage. We hope to bring you latest news on our project. We will try not to forget napster-related news also. In next few weeks (hopefully :) we will add Xnap servlet so you can browse for mp3s directly from our web site. Bye for now.

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