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xnap 0.76.3 released
Napster vs. RIAA
Help page avalible
New homepage!

Here's a quick guide written by VanCrey that should help you to get xnapster running:

Step 1: creating autostart file
Linux: create a file named RunXnap
Windows: create a file named RunXnap.bat

Step 2: getting JAVA
Linux&Windows: Get JAVA runtime for your system. You can download it from Sun or IBM. Now check if you have JAVA version 1.3 a.k.a JAVA2. Type in Java -version in your shell. If you see that it's JAVA version 1.3 or JAVA2 then your're ready to go to Step 3. Else check if you installed JAVA correctly and that it's in your PATH.

Step 3: editing startup file
Linux: add these lines to your autostart file:
export JAVA_HOME=/your/Java/home/path
export JAVA_PATH=/same/as/JAVA_HOME
export PATH=$PATH:/your/Java/home/path/bin

My example:
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.3
export JAVA_PATH=/opt/jdk1.3
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/jdk1.3/bin

Note: you can also include this to the /etc/profile to make it system wide.

Windows:add this line to your RunXnap.bat:
set PATH=c:\Java\install\dir\bin

My example:
set PATH=c:\Program Files\JavaSoft\Jre\1.3\bin

Step 4: almost finished...
Linux: goto a path where JAVA libs are installed (eg. /opt/jdk1.3/jre/lib/ext) and copy all the libraries to that destination from /path/to/xnap/libs (like jmf.jar, mp3.player...)
Windows: copy all libraries from xnap's archive to the JAVA path, like c:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.3\lib\ext\.

Step 5: enjoy!
Linux: add a line
java /path/to/xnap/main/Jnapster
to your autostart file(RunXnap). Do chmod +x RunXnap and then ./RunXnap. You should now see Xnapster's main window.
Windows: add a line
java c:\path\to\xnap\main\JNapster
to RunXnap.bat and save it and run it.

If you still have any questions, please use our forum and ask for help there!

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