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xnap 0.76.3 released
Napster vs. RIAA
Help page avalible
New homepage!

Download files
Here you will find all files needed to launch xnapster
   Mail.jar (230KB)
   Acme.jar (44KB)
   activation.jar (45KB)
   customizer.jar (53KB)
   jmf.jar (2MB) (21KB)
   mediaplayer.jar (41KB)
   multiplayer.jar (66KB)

XNap: (230KB) (230KB)

  napster.txt -- napster protocol definition
  GNUTella protocol definition

Sourceforge provides CVS sevices, so you can use one.
Small instructions for *NIX users:
$ cvs login
Instead of password just press RETURN
$ cvs -z3 co xnapster

Go here for more files.

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