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xnap 0.76.3 released Napster vs. RIAA
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About XNapster
Here's a short history:
So here it goes...once upon a time, long, long time ago a little boy started a project called jnapster. Later on a young lady princess Jay-Anne opened a project here in this beutifull "Kingdom of Sourceforge". By that time an evil coder VanCrey was very jelous of the glory and fame JayAnne had, so he had a secret talk with her right hand, Lord Runar. They both joined their powers of black magic and princess couldn't resist any more. Never the less, VanCrey and Runar became rulers of this buetifull kingdom, but the citizens of Jnapsteria were not very happy about that, so they resisted and started a revolution. Their will and hope was so strong that the evil coders VanCrey and Runar had to move out of the buetifull kingdom of Jnapsteria. However they faunded a new kingdom called XNapsteria....
oh, yes...almost forgot...and they lived happily ever after.

Hope you liked the story...:)
Now for some serious things. XNapster is Napster clone writen entirely in JAVA. The goal of this project is to make a system and platform independent file-sharing client. It currently supports only Napster protocol, but the future plans are to make it a client for every know filesharing system ( Gnutella/Konspire/FreeNet/etc ). As you already know, napster is going to be shut down and we don't want to die with it (black mages at RIAA are trying to do that). I hope you will enjoy this program as much as we do.

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